Connect to your existing Gmail, Outlook, iCloud or other IMAP accounts

OneMail is the only Satellite based email app that lets you use your OWN existing email accounts. You can add up to 3 different email accounts to your OneMail App - a Gmail account, an Outlook Exchange account, and a 3rd IMAP email account of your choosing.

Set up Gmail for your Satellite Phone

Provide your account type, login and password and OneMail will autodetect your settings, and connect your accounts. You can now send and receive email using your satellite based wifi connection, such as Iridium Go, or Sidekick Wi-Fi Router.

Download just the email you want

On a satellite phone your bandwidth is measured in KiloBytes and Minutes - not GigaBytes! You simply cannot download everything in your email inbox. With OneMail you download the Sender, Subject and Size first.

Download only the email you want


Mark critical email for download, and ignore the rest. Press Connect again to download the full email, and to send any outgoing email you have written.

Automatic compression for photos and video

A picture is worth a thousand words. It also takes a thousand times longer to upload! A photo from your phone can be as large as 4MB. That's almost 5 hours of upload time on an Iridium Go.


OneMail resizes and compresses outgoing photos and video to a mangeable level.


Compression Comparison

Proprietary communication methods result in 500% faster downloads

Modern email services are not designed around bandwidth limitations. For example. your Gmail or Outlook account uses data heavy protocols to connect and transmit email. While this is great for email app developers, it is a nightmare for low bandwidth connections.

The OneMail app side steps this problem by using a relay server. The OneMail relay server does all the heavy lifting connecting to your email account, and then compresses and relays your email using a streamlined communication method. This greatly reduces the overhead of each and every email!

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Just a short note to tell you how impressed we are […] Thanks for the great service.

Bruce & Carla Porter, Carlacat

The e-mail system is really working great. The speed is nothing short of fantastic. You should be selling this system to every boat that floats around the world!


Just moved "True Grit" from Miami to Ocean City, NJ last week. I have been using the Verizon Broad Band wireless card for 2 months. Using the "OCENS" e-mail compression software, I can down load 15-20 e-mails in less than a min.

Bob Wilkins, Ocean City, NJ

Just to let you guys know, One Mail works great. I don't think there is anything else out there that works gmail through a sat phone. Well done!